I have multiple pets. Will you draw them all in one illustration?

Sure! Please use my order form to determine pricing. Go ahead and play around with it, the form will not charge your card until you authorize it.

Do you only draw dogs? Will you draw my cat/bird/hamster?

I’ll draw any pet (or wild animal!) you might have. I’ve been an animal lover my whole life, so I don’t discriminate. The name “Doodle My Dog” sounded catchy, and I started the business drawing pooches, so it stuck.

What is your turnaround time?

Please allow one week for your illustration to be completed. Turnaround time depends on how detailed your project is, and how many projects I have in my queue. If I’m not back-ordered, I usually will start on yours the same day as the order!

What is your return/refund policy?

Due to the nature of the business, I cannot offer refunds on original artwork. However, I can guarantee you’ll love my artwork if you like the other pieces I’ve done. My printer does offer a 30-day return guarantee on printed merchandise, however.

How do I get my illustration printed on a canvas, sticker, pillow, tee shirt, etc.?

That’s up to you, but I have several good suggestions if you contact me about it.

Who owns the rights to the images?

We share them. You’re free to distribute the image(s) as often as you’d like. However, you cannot sell them unless we’ve agreed on it prior to completion of the work. I may use the images in my merchandising and website design as I see fit. There is no obligation for either of us to do anything with the finalized images, however. You may purchase a commercial use license if you’d like to sell the images. Contact me for details.

If your question was not answered above, please contact me by using this form. (Make sure to complete it all the way to the end or I won’t get your message.)